privet high

celebrating the boundaries of property in a fashionable way. 12x16 oil on paper.

center piece

The flowers dominate the conversation. 12x16 oil on paper.

i am listening

I was very inspired by the donut. And more importantly a painting by Jules de Balincourt. An important meeting featuring a member with a drum. Oil on paper 9x12.

sand castle

wouldn't it be nice to live in a sand castle with power. 12x16 0il on paper.

good match

Tracy Emin's bed with a racket. It wasn't supposed to be her bed it just turned out that she had a nice bed. Or the photo someone took of it was the angle i needed to place the racket. Oil on paper 9x12.

helping hands

Sometimes there are images that need a place like a fanciful line that needs a poem. I had an idea for this image and liked a few pictures i had hanging around so as to help me bring this idea to life. Many hands assisting in the lowering of a bucket to the depths of a near empty pool strikes a pleasant cord for me.

bucket brigade

The wild fires in California as with any catastrophe seem to bring people to work towards a common goal. This painting says, the absurdity of how we choose to work against the power of natural disasters. It is a sketch for thought and is 12x16 oil on paper.

saying goodbye

Leaving the ground has always fascinated me. Seeing a postcard in a bookstore that was very make believe led me to this painting. I think this is maybe a happy painting of the husband/father going only off to work in a 1950's sort of fantastic future reality. 12x16 oil on paper. I added an out of ground pool because it was summer when this was painted.


I have been interested in Privet hedges as property boundaries and privacy makers. This is also a 12x16 oil on primed paper.

boat ride

Just filling space.

war drum

I was thinking of adding sound to my paintings and this is how it came out.