New Quiet Paintings, Snow Library July 2nd-30th

Finger Feet, oil on panel 11x13

Says Little Does Much, oil on panel 8x10

The New Arrival, oil on panel 10x8

The Perch, oil on panel 10x8
Alex's Vision, Oil on Canvas 20x24

Ice Rescuer, oil on canvas 12x12

Dig It, oil on canvas 51x80

Dust Control, Oil on Canvas 14x18

Carrying the Future, Oil on Canvas 21x16

Andrea, oil on canvas 12x12

Family Portraits, Oil on Canvas 16x20

History Socks, Oil on panel, 18x24

Cold Man, oil on canvas 12x12

Hot Man, oil on canvas 12x12
Holding the Glasses, oil on canvas, 18x23

Leaf Canoe, 36x60 oil on canvas

Wiffle Ball, 10x8 oil on panel

Where the Music Comes From, oil on canvas 16x20

Out of Reach, oil on panel 12x12

Robbed, oil on canvas mounted on panel, 16x20

Seagull, oil on canvas 24x36

Solitaire, oil on canvas 20x28

Defying Gravity, oil on panel 10x8

Superman, Oil on canvas 49x32

I am a Paint Brush, oil on canvas 12x12

Hyperlips, oil on canvas 12x12
The Poet, oil on canvas 21x16