street traffic

I just finished this for the Clinton Hill Art Gallery, Brooklyn NY. L.B. Brown likes how I paint balloons, this being the third of a little series. Oil on panel. 11"x14".


Right around Christmas time, ah what a thing to view the American pastoral from the moon on a cold day with a warm fake fire.

pool side

the pervading emptiness inside is outside forgotten with a lounge by the pools edge. 9x12 oil on paper.


It is nice to show playfulness. I tried to capture this and don't know if i was successful- there are supposed to be two people in this painting. 9x12 oil on paper.


performing for the surprise and upon seeing it allowing the work to disappear. 9x12 oil on paper.

snow castle

upon arriving he knew the others had left long ago- luckily it had been cold. Oil on paper 12x16

holding hands

in nature there is no mattress. 12x16 oil on canvas

good fences

Frost's two neighbors greet each other on top of an exaggerated wall. 12x9 oil on paper.


some songs can bring about the best in you. Acrylic on paper 12x16.

high five

getting around on a bike is fun and celebrating good decision making adds to the excitement. 12x16 oil on paper.