died while

"Died While" is my new body of work inspired by this chalk out line(photo). I took notice of the fork held by the outline and so i began to think and the paintings below are what followed(they are alphabetized not in order of making).(oil on canvas 22x18)

died while...all hands in

at the end of the rainbow


before the selfie

being a block head
being crucified

being forgotten

being the guiding light

being born

blowing a bubble
blowing bubbles

blowing smoke rings

building a sandcastle

burning ants

carrying a candle
cleaning the ear

crossing the st.

doing pullups

doing the dishes

drawing a chalk outline

eating pancakes

eating ice cream

drinking coffee

drinking a beer
erasing the chalk outline


facing off against a bull

finding the X

flying an airplane

giving birth


hand on the turn table

hand on the joystick
head on a pillow

holding a child's drawing

holding a gun

holding onto an eagle

holding the dodge ball
holding a key

holding a sword

holding a wishbone

holding bunny

hugging yourself
hugging a tree

(saying) i am not dead

in the dark

in the spot light

kicking a bucket


lifting weights

making a snow flake

making love
measuring oneself

meeting time on the nose

on the edge

picking flowers

playing poker
playing checkers

playing with a train

popping bubble wrap

pressing all the buzzers

pressing the red button
pulling off the tiger's tail

pulling the string

putting up caution tape

racing the tortoise

reaching for the stars
reclining in a tree

releasing a bird

riding a blind horse

ringing the bell

rocket back packing
rolling the dice


saying i am sorry


shadow puppeting
shaking a dead man's hand

shooting spit balls

sky diving



throwing in the towel

taking a pill

telling a joke
making a spooky face

waving the flag

wearing a cape

wearing a fake mustache

wearing a feather

with two thumbs up
wearing a helmet

wearing a mask

wearing a wig

wearing ear plugs

wearing monster eyes
wearing spring shoes

wearing a crown

wearing a life jacket

with best friend