Rock Harbor Gas Pump

10x8 oil on panel. I have been painting a lot outside in Brooklyn and the Catskills. This is the painting I made today getting finally back to Cape Cod last night. Should have painted the full moon rising over the Ocean tonight. It was stellar.

Familiar Portrait

10x8 oil on board. This lady was nice enough to let me take lots of photos of her in front of Staples office supply one bright afternoon.

Big wig

8x10 oil on board. My daughter finally got a hair cut. The reverse of things. The hair is going to be donated.

The clammer

8x6 oil on board. A doll my mom made with pipe cleaner arms and legs holding a shell my daughter found at Nauset beach tied together with a back ground i made up.

one moles plea

18x 24 oil on panel


38x38 oil on canvas

Around the Corner

40x50 oil on canvas

Zombie Hunters

42x52 oil on canvas

Weak Link

20x26 oil on canvas

Trust Fall

16x20 oil on canvas

Storm Radio

24x24 oil on canvas

Steeple ascension

16x22 oil on canvas


20x24 oil on canvas

Running By

24x32 oil on canvas

Rowing Out

20x24 oil on canvas

Post Card

18x 26 oil on board


42x52 oil on canvas

Orleans Historical Society

18x22 acrylic on canvas

Drop Box

16x20 oil on canvas


Oil on canvas 20x24.

training wheels

My daughter is learning to ride a bike. I am learning how to choose subject matter and how to render choice. 12x 12 oil on panel. For PAAM's 12x12 summer show.


A firework from the 4th. 6x5 oil on panel.

Baked Beans

20x 24 oil on panel. Warm food on a warm summer night. painting for the Orleans Public HOuse.

No Hands

20x 24 oil on panel. Painting for Orleans Public House. That's the view of the cove.

clam chowder

Warhol's Campell's soup with an addition of Cape Cod flavor. Yes for the Orleans Public House. Acrylic on panel 24x16.

Found Still Life

I found this 24x 36 oil painting of flowers and a basket and made a portrait out of it. The original artist had a flawless style and i put my name next to his. I added the face and the white foreground. Someone else may come along and put their name next to mine. Maybe the new owners who bought it from PAAM's still life show.

The Great American Novel

I decided to show not tell or since i am not a writer a better approach to this topic is staying within my field. I accidentally took a video and i really like the bird sound in the background.

The still of the painting is below. Acrylic, oil and pencil on canvas measuring 42x 60".

General Afterlife

22x18 oil on canvas.  A sarcophagus worn was a face prepared to last while the soul found the afterlife. Commanding the unknown. We all do it the best we can.


22x18 oil on canvas. A painting made from an early black and white photo. A Cape Cod women showing her mysteries of age allowed for an easy collage with the traditionally bright butterfly swarm. Its meaning is the light emanating from within the butterflies.


20x 20 oil on canvas. Made at Paul Schulenburg's Monday night figure group

Screw like Rabbits

16x20 oil on canvas.

Behind the Funnies

22x30 oil on panel. Just looking out.

Rifle Lock

6.5 x 8 oil on panel. A commission.


18x22 oil on canvas. Frank Yeager, aka the pie man. 5 kisses from the Sunday group. A get well gift.


16x12 Oil on panel. From the Chalkboard Studio's Thursday figure group.