My guiding light- I choose this painting I made of Lini to act as the flagship for my Brewster Ladies Library show-on going til the end of this Oct. To see the work in the show scroll down.

Obama Lion

Jackson & Hitchcock Thriller Combines

 Jackson 16"x16" oil on canvas
Hitchcock 24"x17" oil on panel

War Paint Peace Paint

4"x6". oil on panel


6"x4". oil on canvas


6"x4". oil on Panel

Upset Lini

6"x4". oil on Panel


12"x16". Oil on panel.


4"x6". Oil on canvas

Arm Wrestling

Oil on Panel. 18"x24"


Oil on Panel. 19"x19"


Oil on Panel. 12"x10"

Face Among Screws

Oil on panel. 9"x12"

General Afterlife

oil on Canvas. 24"x18

Walking Sticks

36"x24" oil on canvas

Rabbit From a Hat

Oil on panel 14"x18"


20"x24" oil on canvas. Painted years ago. probably 2010.

Make Believe Salt

!8"x14" oil on canvas

Looking Through The Funnies

22"x30" oil on panel. or when painted in 2012 I called it, Behind the Funnies.

Jesus Did This With His Right Hand

Oil on Panel 12"x10"


40"x30" oil on canvas

Alligator mask

Oil on Panel 12"x10"

Milk Maid

18"x24" oil on panel


Oil on canvas. 24"x18"

Nantucket Port. Series

12"x10". oil on panel. on view at The Brewster Ladies Library.