for my aunt Lucy and uncle Ed

10x8 oil on canvas.
8x10 oil on canvas.
More toys. Just visited LA and stayed at my uncle Ed's who has lots of cool knick-knacks.  and I had a day to make art. It is a wonder and joy to choose subjects, a trial of your wit to undertake, and always a challenge to understand the outcome because it it is never what is imagined be it good or bad.

gas from a rock

18x24 oil on canvas. the beginning of my rock series.

Pink Cadillac

Oil on Panel 6x 6.5". matchboxes.

when one door is closed

10x12 oil on panel. matchbox in front of dollhouse door. An artist has to be in it for the long haul...

Cart # 3

8x6.5 oil on panel. Towing a state of mind.

cart 2

6.5x8 oil on panel. If it weren't for the reins i think the doll might be enjoying herself, but with the owl it becomes kind of spooky, kind of funny.

Cart 1

Objects hanging around combined to entertain a little play. 8x10 oil on panel. I am interested in Barnett Newman's “Why I Paint”: “An artist paints so that he will have something to look at." or the way i take it is entertaining oneself

life portrait

12x16 oil on panel. Done this wed. at Paul Schulenburg's studio.


I replaced the weapons he had (six gun and knife) for larger more impressive GI Joe guns making for a safer feeling. 5x7 oil on board.

Toilet and gun

The idea is you can't flush it. Is it a gun rack? Have you seen this before? Maybe just two objects that are very import shown together. The toilet came from Lini's doll house and the gun GI Joe. 5x6 oil on panel.