The Thriller is...

a person, "Michael is the Thriller" and Thriller is a broad genre of literature, film, and television programming that uses suspense, tension and excitement as the main elements.[1 ,says Wiki. I supposed Hitchcock to be the poster child or epitome of what a Thriller is. And I just like how combining both created two new things.

Jackson Thriller

16x16 oil on canvas

Hitchcock Thriller

17x24 Oil on Panel.

Madeline Hilley

10.5x11 oil on panel. A portrait commission. Get yours today.

house series

5x7 oil on panel. big places in little spaces


9.5x10 oil on panel. Had fun with this. a little punk back in the mix. what you see and what you say...

Powerplant Graduation

12x16 oil on panel. Power plant in Providence RI.


6.5x8 oil on panel. Years back the falling down house was removed but the MG is still there. Its owner let everything go then she went away. i don't know where. The car is a reminder of how things can go. I walk past it most days. I am forced to wonder how this women's life grew over her. I put fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview- showing snake eyes, a bit of luck good or bad depending on the game.

Hi Loser

9x10 oil on panel. From a photo i took on the Pacific Coast Highway in CA last summer. Reflecting can take awhile. When you greet a landscape and the rock tells you this you can hate the ground supporting the rock. Time should have done something about it,but it didn't. Let it wash away.

Window display

12x9 oil on panel. Something i saw. just basically put a flower box there and cant remember if there were shutters. Out does a rifle or a shotgun.

If he painted the Rhine

10x12 oil on panel. There is a myth out there about Hitler being a failed painter. should have stuck with it. found this picture in a WWII book and made him back into a painter.

Found class picture

23x34 oil on canvas. i found a yearbook on a stoop in Brooklyn. There isn't a yearbook out there that hasn't been graffitied by its owner. The kid in the front row got it and i tried to figure why but have no answers other than the painting.

no ice

oil on panel 29x45. This was last year. no ice. my cousin still hoping to skate. It was cold. a thin skim. and then another thaw. maybe this year.

debris from the future

My rock series. The title "debris from the future" comes from Dan Joy. A description he made of a sculptor's work featured in a New York Times article. It was this large outer space looking stuff, like Nasa's future trash. I can't say how i decided rocks are the closest thing to the absence of life but that's what they spoke. Yet at the same time possibly permanent holders of previous life. Most of the objects i choose to paint in the beginning seemed to have lost their contemporary function, had become outmoded- hence the removal of the objects "on" button, switch, or crank part and its attachment to a rock... but the work evolved to be sort of fossil records of the brief usefulness of about all we make. I like also the idea of a painting being useless (not functional)- After Guy Clark's song, "stuff that works". The work is shown sort of in the order of making- the meat grinder was my first of the series and the speedboat the last so far. Searching the internet, I found pictures of Aboriginal Australian rock paintings documenting colonization up to that of cruise ships.  I could paint more of these. There are a lot of things to paint. I found this series to be interesting because it allowed my ideas to develop from one painting to the next and in the end rocks had some life.

meat grinder

10x15 oil on panel

jack in the box

12x10 oil on panel. the cloud above was a go at a clown figure springing forth from the box.

windup flashlight

6x9 oil on panel

Underwater camera

6x9 oil on panel. wish i had one. most of my cameras go due to water damage.

fishing reel

5x7 oil on panel


8x6.5 oil on panel

Around the World

9x12 oil on panel.

weather radio

16x12 oil on panel


19.5x12 oil on panel

6 gun

6x9 oil on panel. with this painting i decided i wanted more than just a turning crank and decided the rock was gun like in shape.

sail boat

9x10 oil on panel

music box

4.75x6 oil on panel.


4.75x6 oil on panel.


8.5x8 oil on panel.

night light

4x5.75 on panel. i got started on this painting during Sandy and the power went out and i got my headlamp on and continued. the power came back on but i turned the lights off and went on with the headlamp illumination.

painting of a speed boat on a rock that looks like a bottle

5x7 oil on panel

bum series

oil on panel 16x12

speedboat in a bottle

oil on panel 8x12

Boob series

oil on panel 8x10 (top)and 9x12(bottom)

wearing a big head

I found the finger puppet at the dump's free shop and i became really excited when it fit the yellow t-rex. Sometimes everything falls into place. oil on panel 8x6.5.

for my aunt Lucy and uncle Ed

10x8 oil on canvas.
8x10 oil on canvas.
More toys. Just visited LA and stayed at my uncle Ed's who has lots of cool knick-knacks.  and I had a day to make art. It is a wonder and joy to choose subjects, a trial of your wit to undertake, and always a challenge to understand the outcome because it it is never what is imagined be it good or bad.

gas from a rock

18x24 oil on canvas. the beginning of my rock series.

Pink Cadillac

Oil on Panel 6x 6.5". matchboxes.

when one door is closed

10x12 oil on panel. matchbox in front of dollhouse door. An artist has to be in it for the long haul...

Cart # 3

8x6.5 oil on panel. Towing a state of mind.

cart 2

6.5x8 oil on panel. If it weren't for the reins i think the doll might be enjoying herself, but with the owl it becomes kind of spooky, kind of funny.

Cart 1

Objects hanging around combined to entertain a little play. 8x10 oil on panel. I am interested in Barnett Newman's “Why I Paint”: “An artist paints so that he will have something to look at." or the way i take it is entertaining oneself

life portrait

12x16 oil on panel. Done this wed. at Paul Schulenburg's studio.


I replaced the weapons he had (six gun and knife) for larger more impressive GI Joe guns making for a safer feeling. 5x7 oil on board.