debris from the future

My rock series. The title "debris from the future" comes from Dan Joy. A description he made of a sculptor's work featured in a New York Times article. It was this large outer space looking stuff, like Nasa's future trash. I can't say how i decided rocks are the closest thing to the absence of life but that's what they spoke. Yet at the same time possibly permanent holders of previous life. Most of the objects i choose to paint in the beginning seemed to have lost their contemporary function, had become outmoded- hence the removal of the objects "on" button, switch, or crank part and its attachment to a rock... but the work evolved to be sort of fossil records of the brief usefulness of about all we make. I like also the idea of a painting being useless (not functional)- After Guy Clark's song, "stuff that works". The work is shown sort of in the order of making- the meat grinder was my first of the series and the speedboat the last so far. Searching the internet, I found pictures of Aboriginal Australian rock paintings documenting colonization up to that of cruise ships.  I could paint more of these. There are a lot of things to paint. I found this series to be interesting because it allowed my ideas to develop from one painting to the next and in the end rocks had some life.