The hole Hopper left us was in the side yard

Kind of a weird but i think befitting title for a house on a bluff in need of restoring, because it's as though this house asks us to look back into the past and to wink and nod at the modern master- all the while us artists are still wondering what to do. Made this painting out doors in Sconset, Nantucket. 11x14 oil on canvas

The Grey lady movie shoot

Out doors painting of the movie set "Grey Lady" another name for Nantucket. The fog machine got me inspired to make this scene and man, it was a beautiful day and nice folks on the set. 11x14 oil on panel.

Painting the Serengiti

The painting i painted while on Nantucket of a place called the Serengeti and a picture of me while making the painting got the front page of the local paper. It turned out to be kind of a performance piece with some interaction with passing motorists saying things like Hi but using words starting with F and ending with U. Pretty fun travelling. The painting is oil and about 11x14.


12x10 oil on canvas